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​​​Cutler Lake Lodge

One of a kind fishing lodges Ontario

One of the best bass fishing in Ontario 

Cutler Lake Lodge one of the best fishing lodges Ontario has comfortable cottages for rent and trailer sites to fit any budget.  We have four lakes within 10min drive with walleye, pike and best bass fishing in Ontario

Please check our page activities for pictures of walleye fishing, pike fishing and best bass fishing in Ontario.

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Our Fishing Resort is one of oldest fishing lodges Ontario and nestled between Maple Lake and Cutler Lake. Our  Fishing Lodge  offers waterfront cottage rentals on both lakes. These lakes are traditionally famous because of excellent Northern pike, Walleye and best  Bass fishing in Ontario. For many decades fishermen from all over the world come to Cutler Lake Lodge one of the unique fishing lodges Ontario to enjoy one of the best fishing vacations and one of the best bass fishing in Ontario, Canada. Closest towns are Massey and Espanola Ontario, near Sudbury district. Check our cottages and  cabins for rent or book exciting canoe trips on four lakes or famous Spanish River. For info about our waterfront cottage rentals, cabins please check our cottages page or send your request in our contact form

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​​Cutler Lake Lodge is oldest fishing lodges Ontario. Please come and enjoy best bass fishing in Ontario

Lakefront fishing lodges Ontario

 Cutler Lake Lodge

Fishing Lodges Ontario

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Best Fishing Lodges Ontario

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welcome to cutler Lake Resort your place for your waterfront cottage rentals, cottage rentals Ontario.

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on our resort we have some waterfront cottage rentals and cottage rentals Ontario, ans well as cabins  

Cutler Lake Lodge

499 Cutler Lake Rd, Sables-Spanish Rivers, (Massey), Ontario, Canada, P0P1P0


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