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​​​Cutler Lake Lodge

In early morning and evening periods you will usually find a fish in shallow water aggressively feeding - this is where top waters really excel and will lead to heart-stopping explosions on the surface. Daytime bass will retreat to the safety of deeper water and will relate to depths from six to twenty five-feet deep. The one thing they will relate to is structure. Look for humps, shelves and drop offs, and works a jig over these underwater magnets. 

Using light jigs with a white twister tail and a piece of worm, Walleye gullet, leech, live minnow or salted minnow works best. This is the most popular way to catch high numbers of Walleyes.

In the summer the walleyes go a little deeper, hang out at the mouth of rivers or lay off rocky points. Islands that have patches of gravel around them are good spots. Rocky drop-offs are also good. With lakes that have a flat structure, the Walleyes will head into the thick weeds to get protection from the sun.

Small to medium size Northern Pike generally stay in thick weeds and close to shore. They will stick to the back of bays where water warms up quickly with the morning sun and they have lots of weeds to hide in.

You can find big Trophy Northern Pike in the back of bays and in thick weeds as well but generally the really large Northern Pike are more likely to hang around points leading into bays, narrows between islands or in river current. They need breathing room and like to ambush bigger prey like Walleyes. They like to hang around areas where Walleyes are migrating through.

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What truly makes Cutler Lake Lodge  unique is the fact that it provides a fisherman with access to so many different areas. A fisherman has road access to all of the following Waters  within 20 minutes: La Cloche Lake, Rivers Lake, Moose Lake, Spanish Rive, etc.

Cutler Lake Lodge property located between Maple Lake and Cutler Lake and has waterfront on both lakes.

These Lakes are home to many fish species such as Northern Pike, Walleye, Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass, Lake Whitefish, Jumbo Perch, Sun Fish etc. Cutler Lake and Maple Lake are in area 10 of the MNR’s Fishing Zone,

so please check Fishing regulations for season and size limit info.

Cutler Lake Lodge

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Cutler Lake Lodge 

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Cutler Lake Lodge

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