Parking and Traffic Policies

--There is ONE parking pass per a camp site.  
--Visitors must display Daily Parking Pass at all times.
--Please park your cars, ATV, golf cart, motor bikes, trailers, boat trailers etc. in designated area only. (You can obtain extra space by request.)
--Please do not park your vehicle or trailers in private lots or unauthorized parking areas.
---The campground speed limit is 10 km per hour and is strictly enforced. 
--Moving vehicles must be driven on designated roadways only.
--All operators of motorized vehicles including golf carts, electric scooters & ATV’s must be legally licensed for the roadways and be at least 16 years of age.
--Motorized vehicles (golf carts, motorcycles and ATV’s) may be used within the resort for transportation only. No --cruising or joy riding  
---Please keep vehicle noise at a minimum during quiet hours
--All drivers should have valid owner ship and insurance for all there vehicles, RV’s, trailers and pleasure craft.
--Any trailers that are being towed must be properly connected and comply with all provincial/federal laws.
--No major repairing of any vehicle, changing of oil, flushing of radiators or cleaning of engines or parts can be done in the resort.
---Vehicle owners are responsible for any and all towing fees for improperly parked vehicles.

 Visitors Policies
--All campers, guests and visitors must be registered by name with the office and pay a fee, before coming on the site.
--Primary renter is responsible for any member of their party when in the resort. Primary renter is responsible for the conduct of their visitors and all visitor/guest charges. Please inform your visitors of Cutler Lake Lodge rules and regulations before they enter the resort.
--All visitors’ vehicles must display a Visitor parking tag at all times.
--All visitors must read and follow all rules and policies of CLL.
--Trailer park visitors fee $ 8.00 per 1 car parking and 1 person, and $ 8.00 per person daily.
--Daily Pass expired at 11:59 PM. Overnight fee $12 per Person
 --Seasonal guest pass is available.
--Children under 3 years of age will not be charged.

--Children 3 -16 years old a day fee - $3, overnight - $ 5

- Parents are fully and solely responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.
--Violations of rules may result in immediate eviction without warning or refund 

Trailer/RV Site Specific

Rules and Policies

-All guests and visitors must register at our front office. All vehicles must display a parking tag at all times.
-You must be 21 years of age to rent any RV spot; primary renter must be onsite while any member on their party is onsite.
-Any person including children, who destroys damages or harms the natural environment or the lake will be reported to the Police and Ministry Of Natural Resources immediately, as well as be evicted from Cutler Lake Lodge premises immediately, the rental agreement will be terminated, without return of any payments made.
-The RV’s site has a 1 family occupancy limit. ( 2 adults and their children under 19 years old).
-Invited guests @ $8.00 per day are allowed. Please read our Visitors Policies
-Primary renter is responsible for the conduct of their visitors and all visitor/guest charges. Please inform your visitors of our rules and regulations before they enter the resort.
-RV’s must be in good condition, and have insurance.  
-Winter storage is available for our seasonal trailer site customers for $ 100 fee; however management is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of your property.
-In case if you do not want to stay for next season your trailer/RV must be removed from CLL property in two weeks after season, or Winter Storage Fee $ 400.00 will be applied.
-If you sell your RV/Trailer to a third party, the new owner of the trailer or RV can sign an agreement to continue using your site only if there is no waiting list or the people waiting for that site refuse to take it. The new owners must sign an agreement with the management to rent the site from Cutler Lake Lodge. Registration fee will be applied for new owner.
-Decks are permitted upon approval of design by management. They or any other add on (sheds, bins, fire pits, playgrounds etc) can not be permanent. Cement or foundations are not allowed.
-Any add on must be approved by Cutler Lake Lodge management. Any add on must be 100% portable/movable.  Construction time is allowed ONLY Monday to Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM.
-Outside storage bins, refrigerators, freezers, washers/dryers, etc. are prohibited unless they are approved by owners and on a deck with appropriate electrical and plumbing hookups.
-No rental/lending of trailers without lodge owner’s approval. If you lend your trailer to anyone we are to be notified and guests are required to register and pay applicable fees at the lodge. 
-One Parking spot per site free of charge, and should be parked on designated parking area.
-Docking and additional parking space is available by request.
-All payments are not refundable. 

General Rules and Policies

o    All guests and visitors must check in at our front office. All vehicles must display a parking tag at all times.
o    You must be 21 years of age to rent any spot or cabin in our resort; primary renter must be onsite while any member on their party is onsite.
o    CLL, its owners, employees are not responsible for damages or theft to your property, all campers and guests are responsible for any injury or accident they are involved in. 
o    Please respect the property, our neighbors, and fellow campers; do not cut thru sites – Please use the roads.
o    Parents are fully and solely responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.
o    There are no supervised swimming areas. You are responsible for you, your family and guests.
o    Quiet time is from 10 P.M. until 9:00 A.M.
o    No loud music or other noise after 10 PM.  Please respect your fellow camper’s privacy.
o    No person within the grounds shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of themselves or others. Such behavior including drunkenness, abusive or profane language, or threatening behavior leads to termination of Rental Agreement.
o    Excessive noise, nuisance, public drunkenness, illegal drug use, sale or exchange, nudity, foul or offensive language, fireworks, explosives, and firearms are not permitted.
o    Alcoholic beverages must be carried discretely. Use of Glass bottles and containers is discouraged throughout our park.
o    We  are recommend  to  boil a water at least for 3 minutes.
o    Campers are responsible for keeping their sites neat and tidy. Please do not throw cigarette butts or other trash on the ground. Please read carefully our garbage policy.
o    Use of water for non-potable services, such as washing vehicles requires a water surcharge.  Please see management for all requests.
o    Smoking is not permitted in any campground cabin, building, or structure. Please do not throw cigarette butts or other trash on the ground. 
o    Smoke alarm in your trailer/cottage/cabin is mandatory and should be kept in working condition all time.
o    Fires are allowed in the approved above ground fire rings only. Please read carefully municipal campfire permit. Check our fireboard daily.  All fires must be supervised at all time.
o    Depending upon the time of the year may encounter bear, deer, geese, horses, and other animals and insects. Guests are encouraged to dress accordingly, and to bring insect repellant for outdoor activities.
o    Fishing equipment can also be hazardous. Please do not leave hooks, lines and bait or other fishing equipment where our precious wildlife (or pets) can be injured or killed.
o    Motor use is prohibited in the creek.
o    You must understand and agree to abide by theses rules and regulations in their entirety upon check in and during your entire stay.
o    Violations of rules may result in immediate eviction without warning or refund.CUTLER LAKE LODGE


Garbage Disposal Policies
 ○ Current bag limit: 1 garbage bag per week
○ Additional bag tags are available for $2.00 ea.
○ Disposal of garbage any other days are available for $5.00 ea.
○ Please never put your garbage unattended anywhere or on top of wooden box, this area will be under video surveillance 24x7.
○ All trash must be in sealed garbage bags. If necessary, use double bags to prevent leaks and rips. 
○ Garbage bags always are available for sale in our store.
○ Recycle Will be collected on Wednesday, accordingly township schedule (biweekly paper or plastic).
○ We do not collect any construction garbage or furniture or big items, so PLEASE DO NOT PUT any of this into the garbage box. If you have some bulk garbage please contact Lodge management for assistance.
○Violations of rules may result in immediate eviction without warning or refund.
Please help us to keep our place clean and safe.




                  CUTLER LAKE LODGE
                  Pets Rules and Policies
Please note!!! WE are not providing any bedding for guests with dogs

Dog fee - $ 15 per day or $ 100 per week
Pets are allowed at all Trailer sites. 
Sorry, no cats in CLL cottages. Dogs are allowed in our cottages for extra charge. 
Pets are not allowed inside campground buildings: fish hut, shower house, etc.
All pets must be controlled at all times and be on a leash when on the grounds.
Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. All pet waste should be picked up immediately and placed in appropriate trash containers. There will be a $20.00 fine assessed to anyone who doesn’t clean up after their pet.
Pet owners are fully and solely responsible for the behavior and safety of their pets.
Excessive noise or aggressive behavior by pets will not be tolerated.
Exotic, aggressive and/or noisy pets are not permitted. 
Violation of pet policies shall be grounds for termination of Rental Agreement without warning or refunds. 

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